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Metsäntuottajat Oy is an export sales office for its two owner sawmills: Kuhmo Oy and Iisveden Metsä Oy. Sawn timber products are currently exported to over 30 countries and export sales form around 60% of the total sales.

Kuhmo´s production comprises both redwood and whitewood and Iisveden Metsä is specialized in whitewood only. The shareholder mills offer a comprehensive product range which is complementary to each other. The products are made of high-quality raw material originating from slow-growing and sustainably managed Finnish forests. Both mills have PEFC certificates.

Kuhmo Oy is one of the biggest sawmills in Finland on one site. Two production lines enable the annual production to be around 420.000 m3 of sawn timber of which abt. 80% is pine (Pinus sylvestris) and rest is spruce (Picea abies). In addition to our main log line where we cut logs until 33 cm top diameter Kuhmo Oy is specialized in processing small logs. The extremely fast Comact small log saw line with adjustable patterns cuts logs with top diameter of 8-14cm. The cold winters and long summer days make the wood dense, durable, strong and straight. The beautiful wood from Kuhmo is most suitable for joinery, windows and furniture.

Its exceptional strength and stability make it ideal for all building applications such as load-bearing beams and glue laminating..

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Iisveden Metsä Oy was established in 1924 and it has been running non-stop ever since. The annual production is around 145.000 m³ of spruce sawn timber. The mill aims at customer-oriented production and is specialized in fix lengths (3.9/4.0m; 4.5m; 5.1m; 5.4m), and also in special dimensions. Iisvesi is located in the finest spruce area in Finland which enables us to offer high-quality spruce sawn timber for the most demanding end-uses.

Iisveden Metsä’s products are known for its visually appealing appearance, with tight sound knots and subtle fibre. This allows it to be used for premium grade panelling, flooring and furniture applications and wherever only the highest quality will suffice.

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